Sunday, November 22, 2015

BACK TO BASICS | Why you should at least own 4 pairs of jeans!

Hello, it's me.. I was wondering if after all these years(months) you'd like to meet..

Hi everyone yes, yes, it's me again and I just went all Adele on you.
I came back with something as simple as jeans but I want to talk about them because I know people who have trouble with them and that is completely OKAY but I'll show you why you should at least own 4 pairs of jeans and of course I'll tell you which ones.
This applies for boys and girls so if you're a guy and thought that I wasn't writing for you, I AM, so keep reading and enjoy my recommendations.

1. Light wash jeans, perfect for the day and they go with basically everything except if they have an undertone color which I recommend that you do not buy any pair of jeans with an undertone color like green, purple, yellow-ish, red.. etc, no just no.

2. Dark wash jeans, these are sooo for the night but that doesn't mean I'm not letting you wear them in the day.. that'll be ridiculous but they do look great at night and because they're darker they make you look a bit more formal and if you pair them with a blazer, well there you go all dressed up for a cool fancy dinner with your friends, maybe you can even go to the club like that! You need at least one pair of these in your closet, again.. remember I'm talking about basics.

3.White jeans, if you're looking for a clean, fresh look then you just grab your white jeans and add any top you'd like. If you do not own a pair of these then I am seriously worried about you.

4. And last but not least.. black jeans, I die for black jeans because they make you look like a fashionista, they're great for every occasion and anyone would look cool in these, I'm talking serious business here, they're basic and your closet becomes 100 better when you own black jeans or any of these jeans cause it's also easier to dress when you have the basics.

After you are sure you own these jeans.. the variations come such as ripped jeans in any of these colors or even jeans in other colors like dark green, gray, camel or whatever you like. They work the same way but always making you look more messy-cool-relaxed and obviously they're not a formal thing to wear.

Good luck everyone and I'll see you soon.. again!

-Sincerely, Diana x

Thursday, July 30, 2015


Hey everybody, it's Diana right here! Today I'm gonna talk about a makeup trend going on right now which is being called the "new contour" and I do not agree with that term because they're completely the opposite and to be quite honest I don't think you could ever replace contour with anything else, except if you get plastic surgery but.. we are not going there.

So this "new" technique it's called strobing and let me explain you what it is.. 
So strobing it's simply and basically about extra highlighting the parts where you normally do it (cheek bones, temples, brow bone, chin, cupid's bow, lower lip and forehead), but with that extra shimmer.. sun glow.. and the thing about this, it's to do it without doing the contour, and yes it looks seriously pretty but for example I have a very very round face so I can't just do the strobing without contouring cause then I would kind of be accentuating my roundness and I would be adding volume to my face which is what I've been trying to be avoid since I have knowledge about makeup.. so I personally think that both contouring and strobing should be done at the same time but if you're blessed with a not so round face then go ahead and ignore this contour part and do the strobing in your face like there's no tomorrow.

And if you're thinking "Hey, why should I believe what you say? Do you know the subject enough to talk like this about it?" Well let me tell ya... I do. As an Image Consultant student I know about this because makeup is part of my career/classes, so you can trust me I won't fail you, I promise.

This technique is not going away anytime soon, it's on trend right now perfect for summer so your face looks like the sun kissed you.. ya know.. who doesn't want that. 
And for fall and winter it will still be beautiful and useful so you can give yourself that fresh, young look that we all want, cause if you do it correctly you'll look like a mermaid and if that's not cool then I don't know what it is.

If you still can't picture how it looks like because you haven't seen it before let me show you, and if you have seen it before then these pictures might as well just inspire you enough to go ahead and do it.

You see? A sun kissed mermaid! I told you! And this is where you do it..

And I'm gonna recommend you my personal favorite and ideal products to achieve the perfect high quality strobing.

Watt's up illuminator by Benefit Cosmetics.

High Brow Glow by Benefit Cosmetics too.

HourGlass Ambient Lighting Palette.

L'ORÉAL True Match Lumi, liquid glow illuminator.

Copacabana illuminator by Nars.

And that's it for today's post! Hope you liked it and let me know if you try it..
Good luck!

-Sincerely, Diana x